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Book Review: The Law School Trip - A Sarcastic Appeal to Humor

The Law School Trip serves its purpose as a wise parody written by someone who has also written a serious book about Las School, 1L of a Ride.

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One L - Book Review

One L by Scott Turow is the journal of a first year Turow at Harvard Law School HLS. I put journal ...

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Learning Legal Reasoning Book Review

Learning Legal Reasoning is a book that I would strongly recommend going out and getting if you are a rising 1L. ...

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1L of a Ride Book Review

1L of a Ride is one of the most popular law school preview books. The author of 1L of a Ride, Andrew J. McClurg is a great professor to learn the ropes from when it comes to navigating law school.

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Planet Law School - An Enigmatic Blend

Planet Law School 2 is an interesting book to review. Despite the author, Atticus Falcon being pessimistic about Law School, he shares a lot of great advice.

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