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What Section of the MPEP is this?



Chapter: 100 - Secrecy, Access, National Security, and Foreign Filing

Section: 101

MPEP Flash Cards

On the Patent Bar, being able to locate sections of the MPEP is crucial. In these flash cards you can test your ability to locate certain sections of the MPEP material.

To add or remove chapters from the pool of questions, simply toggle them on and off in the sidebar on the left. I have Chapters 900, 1000, 1700, 2200, 2400, 2600, and 2700 toggled off because I have been informed that they are lightly if ever tested. Chapters 1500 (Design Patents), 1600 (Plant Patents), and 2900 (Int'l Design Patents), have also been toggled off because their section names are targeted for the type of patent that the chapter describes, and are not inferrable on their own.

Please feel free to post specific chapter combos that you like in the comments below. And as with anything on the site, please reach out if you have any comments or suggestions.