Law School Up Close

The Mission of Law School Up Close

The mission of Law School Up Close is to document the process of learning the law as it is happening. I will be heading to school in August, and I want to create a space where I can share my thoughts, and (hopefully), hear thoughts from others about how to best learn, love, and practice this profession. 

From case briefs to real-life hypotheticals based on current events, Law School Up Close is all about practicing how to apply what is learned through classes. I invite you to share your own thoughts, experiences, and opinions about the best ways to learn the law. After all, we are the future of the United States legal practice.

One of the things that has proven effective for me in developing understanding for material in school is immersing into the topic. As an undergrad at an engineering school, I had struggles in the first two years getting through the ‘weed out’ classes. The following summer, I devoured physics books knowing that I needed to get serious about my degree, or else it was going to end me. Funny enough, I became a believer in String Theory, which I now denounce as an idea that is kind of insane. Nonetheless, I became more involved in my studies from this immersion into deep theory, and the resulting excitement for the building blocks that I then learned in school.

I want Law School Up Close to be a place that allows you to share ideas, brief current cases that have recently been in the news, and discuss legal concepts. I am happy to read any prospective articles you want to send for consideration on the site.

All documents posted to this site are “living documents”, meaning any input that you have as far as how a post could or should be edited is welcome. Particularly, if anything offends you on this site, or strikes you as lacking in reasoning, please feel free to contact us. Since I am in law school, and have no time, nor money to hire editors, please consider that any edits of this type may take considerable time to evaluate and implement.

This site is meant to promote the sharing of ideas and advice in a thoughtful and constructive manner. Negative comments will be deleted from the site and users sharing negative comments will be blocked.

I hope that you enjoy the content on this site and find it helpful or in other ways enriching to your life. Thanks for stopping by!


Ted Rand